Thanks to the support of Domino’s, fifteen university students across Australia will receive financial assistance for educational expenses, support from The Smith Family team and access to programs to help them move into further education or employment, through our Learning for Life sponsorship program.

Supporting the education of disadvantaged students is vital for Australia to improve its educational performance and close the gap which exists between groups of students based on factors such as socio-economic status. Students from disadvantaged backgrounds face a range of complex challenges which can affect their ability to complete their qualifications, as they struggle with the costs of their studies and not having adequate technology in the home to satisfactorily complete course-work.

With Domino’s support, these students will get the chance they need to create a better future for themselves.
— Dr Lisa O'Brien, Chief Executive Officer, The Smith Family

We are delighted to partner with Domino’s Pizza Enterprises, helping to strengthen the people, places and local prosperity of rural and regional Australia.

Through the Give for Good small grants program, Domino’s and FRRR are helping local leaders offer education and youth initiatives, enhance leadership and entrepreneurship skills, and improve preparedness and recovery from natural disasters.

FRRR knows that the most successful communities actively engage and support their young people, invest in their leadership base and entrepreneurial spirit, and are well prepared for and supported during their recovery from the inevitable natural disasters that strike each year.

The Give for Good small grants program will no doubt help to inspire future entrepreneurs, scholars, leaders and creatives in rural and regional communities. We are proud to help deliver these outcomes with Domino’s.
— Natalie Egleton, Chief Executive Officer, Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal