Identical twins receive identical scholarships to study STEM degrees

Elana and Katia Vitaljic not only share identical DNA, but also a love of science and maths which has led them to both study a Bachelor of Biomedical Science at Monash University.

The twins are among eight students, studying STEM-related degrees, who have received scholarships funded by Domino’s registered charity Give for Good.

Elana said the scholarship helps pay for study costs including textbooks, travel, computer equipment and living expenses.

“The Domino's Give for Good scholarship means I can pursue my passion without having to worry about financial burden,” she said.

“My passion for biomedical science stems from my interest in the life sciences and desire to better understand the fundamentals of life.

“I hope to enter the workforce equipped with the skills needed to make a positive impact on the broader community.”

The twins grew up in the outer south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne and were inspired by their grandparents’ drive and determination.

“Our grandparents' migrant experience was pivotal to our upbringing, playing a central role in our decision to attend university,” Elana said.

Similar to her sister, Katia also shared an affinity for science and maths from a young age.

“This passion requires both creativity and logical problem-solving, and as I found, both would be fostered by the opportunities and challenges offered in engineering and design.

“I strongly believe that knowledge, support and adequate resources are vital in allowing us to reach our full potential, and the Domino’s Give for Good scholarship has helped us achieve this.”

Domino’s Director of Giving John Harney said Domino’s is committed to supporting education and youth initiatives in Australia.

“Domino’s registered charity Give for Good is passionate about education and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, scholars, leaders and creatives,” Mr Harney said.

“We are proud to be able to increase our support of Monash University students from two to eight scholarships and hope that by providing this support, the recipients will be able to better focus on their studies and develop into educated, motivated and inspirational leaders in their local communities.”

Sophie Cuffe