Give for Good funds Monash University leadership scholarships

Scholarships funded by the Domino’s registered charity, Give for Good, are assisting two talented young women studying STEM-related courses to realise their potential at Monash University.

The scholarship helps to alleviate study costs including textbooks, travel, computer equipment, and living expenses for students experiencing financial, social or personal hardship. 

 Scholarship student Giorgina Maxwell said she is the first in her family to attend university.

“Being from a rural area meant that I was not able to study my degree and remain living at home,” Giorgina said.

“The scholarship has allowed me to spend less time working in order to pay for residence at the university and more time focusing on my studies, which has helped me to achieve great results in all of my subjects this year.

“It has had a huge positive influence on my life – both my academic pursuits and growing as a person by giving back to society.”

Giorgina is studying a Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Arts and hopes to pursue a career in scientific communication.

“My small rural community has a great deal of knowledge in certain areas like farming and manual work however, there is a knowledge gap when it comes to scientific principles and new discoveries and what they mean for us.

“Everyone has the right to education and I want to be able to communicate scientific education in a way that anyone is able to understand.

“I also want to show young people in my region that you can pursue a career in something less traditional and find employment that you can enjoy.” 

Giorgina Maxwell – Monash University (3).JPG

Scholarship recipient Amy Purdon said the scholarship funding helped assist with living expenses.

“When I heard that I had been awarded the scholarship, the first person I told was my mum, because she was always the one to stress the most about our financial circumstances,” she said.

“I am studying a Bachelor of Commence and Bachelor of Information Technology and ultimately would like to get into management.

“The scholarship has assisted with my residential expenses and impacted my transition from a small country town to the hustle and bustle of busy university life.”

Domino’s Director of Giving John Harney said Domino’s is committed to supporting education and youth initiatives in Australia.

“Domino’s Give for Good is really passionate about education and supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs, scholars, leaders and creatives,” John said.

“We are so proud to be able to support Amy and Giorgina throughout their tertiary studies.

“We hope by providing this support, they will be able to focus on their studies and become educated, motivated leaders in their communities.”

Monash University scholarship recipients Amy Purdon & Giorgina Maxwell with John Harney (3).jpg
Sophie Cuffe