Guidelines for Support

Outlined below are guidelines for organisations or individuals (an applicant) seeking support from Give for Good The Applicant must:

  • At a minimum, meet 1-2 of our categories of giving (as outlined under the ‘Giving’ section above);

  • Be located in Australia;

  • Be a charity or not-for-profit organisation that is registered in Australia;

  • Demonstrate that any funds received from Give for Good will directly reach their giving program's beneficiaries or drive a positive outcome

  • Demonstrate that their giving program:

    • Is a well-developed concept with concrete, time-limited aims and objectives and clearly quantified objectives and outcomes;

    • Will target the wellbeing of the local community;

    • Will have measurable and long-term improvement/impact on the beneficiaries’ lives.

  • Show capacity and capability to manage the giving program through adequate planning, staffing and implementation.

Please note that Give for Good will not provide funds for the below:

  • Towards supporting any political or religious groups;

  • Where the Applicant or its giving program does not reflect the values of Domino’s or Give for Good;

  • Towards giving programs which:

    • Have narrow community involvement;

    • Exclude or offend minority community groups;

    • Supporting sporting teams.

Furthermore, Give for Good does not provide support for:

  • An Applicant raising money for a cause (e.g. charity runs, car racing events and other sporting events);

  • Religious organisations;

  • Political organisations or politically aligned events or causes.