Rural Communities

Domino’s is first and foremost a food business and the rural communities of Australia are key enablers of our high-quality food supply chain. Vibrant and strong rural communities are key to a vibrant and strong Australia. We remain committed to providing focused funding and support for rural and remote communities, local farming needs, sustainability initiatives, as well as meaningful programs that improve the overall impact of our sustainable food procurement journey. Examples of key areas we will focus on are:

  • Support for disadvantaged farmers and farming communities;

  • Assistance to rural and regional communities affected by adverse weather conditions including drought;

  • Farmer health and wellness (i.e. removing hardship and improving support services);

  • Improving opportunities and reducing disadvantages caused by geographical isolation;

  • Rural employment and/or training initiatives.

We are proud to partner with the below organisations in Rural Communities:

  • Rural Aid      

  • Thirsty Cow

  • Drought Angels